Yard Debris Removal

Our yard debris removal is what you need to get rid of branches, trimmings, dead bushes, and more. Count on Junk-N-Haul to make it happen!

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Yard Waste Removal

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A messy yard isn’t a happy one. A yard that’s filled with yard scraps is hard to enjoy, too. Think about all the things that happen in your yard. The kids go out to play, the family comes over for a barbecue, and your friends visit to sit and laugh around the bonfire. Get back to those fun activities and say goodbye to the yard waste thanks to yard debris removal from Junk-N-Haul.

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How Our Yard Junk Removal Works

Whether a storm’s blown through and filled your yard with branches, or you’re just looking to get some spring cleaning done on your surrounding landscape, Junk-N-Haul is the right team for you. We’re the local experts on all junk removal services, and we’re ready to haul away all that yard waste so you don’t have to.

  • Always on time. We’ll give you a courtesy call as we starting heading over to you.
  • Upfront quotes. We give you our final price upfront for your convenience.
  • Hardworking. Our team efficiently hauls all the yard debris to our truck.
  • Affordable. Lastly, pay for the agreed amount, and we’re all done.
What We Take

Our yard debris removal can transform your lawn from a disaster into a rolling green dream. Whether your yard waste is something that got blown in, or withering plants that have outstayed their welcome, count on our pros to pluck, rake, and pick up whatever you want taken away.

Examples of Yard Waste We Take

  • Leaves, branches, and twigs
  • Unwanted bushes, shrubs, and brush
  • Grass and hedge clippings
  • Withering garden plants
Junk-N-Haul owner in his junk removal truck
Cost of Yard Debris Removal

The pricing of your yard debris removal appointment doesn’t have to make your stomach turn. In fact, thanks to our volume-based pricing, you’re guaranteed a fair price. That’s because you pay according to how much we haul, and not according to hourly rates and inexplicable charge tables.

  • With volume-based pricing, the removal cost is determined by the volume of what we haul.
  • Plus, our upfront quotes inform you of the final price ahead of time.
  • No hidden fees, ever! Just pay what we agreed to.
  • Enjoy local savings from Junk-N-Haul that you’d never get from a franchise!
Woman on the phone hiring junk removal services
Scheduling an Appointment

Here comes the fun part…scheduling your appointment! Reaching out to the Junk-N-Haul crew is a painless process. We’ll be happy to hear from you, to learn more details about your yard waste situation, and to come meet you in person and haul it away ourselves.

Let’s Get Started

  • Call now or contact us online to start speaking with a crew member right away.
  • Request an estimate, and we’ll provide one at no charge to you.
  • If you’re interested, you can then choose an appointment day.
  • We have plenty of availability for you, including same-day and next-day windows.
  • We’ll also give you our 2-hour arrival window so you know when to expect us.

About Us

Our junk removal business, owned and operated in Castle Rock, proudly serves our local communities with a flair you won’t find from the “big box” junk removal services. We treat you like a friend, but work for you like you’re the boss. That’s what it’s like when the customer is the top priority!

We’ve got what it takes to crush your yard waste problem. What’s more, we’ll do all the work for you…it’s part of what being a “full-service” team is all about. So sit back and relax. We’ll save you the time and the stress. Before too long, you’ll have a perfect yard again, too!

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