Yard Debris Removal in Colorado Springs

Our yard debris removal is what you need to get rid of branches, trimmings, dead bushes, and more. Count on Junk-N-Haul to make it happen!

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Yards in the Colorado Springs area are beautiful, but they can quickly become a mess if you don’t stay on top of debris removal. However, cleaning up your yard can be physically exhausting and very time-consuming – not to mention requiring tools, trucks, trailers, and sometimes specialty equipment. If you want to get back to fun activities like gardening, entertaining, or just relaxing in your backyard, Junk-N-Haul can help!

All-Inclusive Yard Waste Disposal Solutions in Colorado Springs

If you’re located in the areas surrounding Colorado Springs and need yard debris removal services, we’ve got you covered! Our all-inclusive pricing and commitment to environmentally-friendly disposal methods make us the top choice for homeowners and businesses. We can handle yard waste, including grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs, etc. And if you have other junk that needs to be hauled away, we’re a full-service Pueblo, CO, junk removal company that can help with that too. 

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Reasons To Remove Debris in Your Colorado Springs Yard

As a homeowner, it’s only natural to encounter many types of waste in your yard –– dead flowers and plants, weeds, leaves, grass clippings, pruned tree branches, or wood shavings. Unfortunately, eliminating debris yourself is time-consuming and tedious.

As a hassle-free alternative, taking advantage of yard waste pickup services will help you:

Create a Safe Place for Your Kids and Pets

Children need a place where they can have fun and be safe. Your yard is the perfect playing area as long as it’s hazard-free and secure. To ensure your yard or garden are safe from potential dangers, inspect fences and gates regularly, particularly around pools or storage areas. Additionally, disposing of debris allows your kids to play in ample space without any risks to health or safety nearby.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Every homeowner in Colorado Springs needs an appealing and well-manicured yard, whether you want to sell your house or not. Not only does a clean yard add value to your property, but it also contributes positively to neighborhood appeal.

Full-Service Junk Removal Solutions

Our professional yard debris removal services can help you transform your lawn from a chaotic mess into a lush and beautiful landscape. Whether it’s leaves or twigs that have been blown in or plants that have ceased blooming, our experts will remove all unwanted items with precision, raking up every last bit for disposal.

Let Junk N Haul be your first choice when your yard is filled with the following:

  • Leaves, branches, and twigs
  • Unwanted bushes, shrubs, and brush
  • Grass and hedge clippings
  • Withering garden plants
  • Tires, shelves, and other debris

Our Hassle-Free Yard Waste Pickup Process

Our reliable and efficient process makes it easy for you to get the yard of your dreams without breaking a sweat.

  • Call or contact us online to start speaking with a crew member immediately.
  • Request an on-site estimate, and we’ll provide one at no charge.
  • Once you agree to the price, we’ll get started right away!
  • We have plenty of availability for you, including same-day and next-day windows.
  • We’ll give you our two-hour arrival window so you know when to expect us.

Upfront and Affordable Junk Removal Services

The pricing of your yard debris removal appointment doesn’t have to make your stomach turn. Thanks to our volume-based pricing, you only pay according to how much we haul –– not hourly rates and inexplicable charge tables.

Plus, our upfront quotes inform you of the final price ahead of time. No hidden fees, ever! Just pay what we agree upon.




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Ready to finally rid yourself of the unwanted items in your yard? Let Junk-N-Haul take care of it for you! As a complete service team, we guarantee that not only will all debris be removed from your Colorado Springs property but that you won’t have to lift a finger. So, take some time off and let the best junk removal company in town do all the heavy lifting!

Are you ready to reclaim your yard from debris? Contact us today –– after all, why should decluttering be stressful when there’s help available?