Piano Removal Services

Removing a piano can be difficult to do on your own. Call Junk-N-Haul to haul it off for you, no problem!

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Full-Service Piano Removal

Our piano removal services are available across the Colorado Springs area.

You’ll be glad you chose Junk-N-Haul as your piano removal company!

Piano Moving Services

Not only is it difficult to move a piano, but it can be a danger if you don’t have the right people or equipment. Don’t take that risk! Call Junk-N-Haul!

Upfront Pricing

We always provide upfront pricing for the cost of piano moving in the area.



Our Services

Whether you’ve got a petit grand or a concert grand piano that needs to be moved, you can count on the team at Junk-N-Haul.

The weight and bulk of upright pianos can vary greatly depeding on size and age, but we’re equipped to remove them all.

Do you have an electric piano or keyboard you need to toss? We can take it and any other electronics.

It’s hard to rehome an old pump organ these days. If it’s time to let it go for good, let us know and we’ll come haul it away.

Of course, we can also take old piano benches, music stands, and other music accessories. Just let us know and we’ll be there.

If an old piano is just one thing you need to have hauled away, then you’re in luck! We remove all types of junk and unwanted items.

Other Items We Accept


Our Piano Removal Process


You can call 719-466-0198 to speak with a pro about having a piano removed. You can also schedule online.


Our team will give you a quote and once you’ve approved we’ll get to work. The number one goal is safely removing your old piano while protecting your home and our crew.


With your old piano and any other unwanted junk loaded into the junk truck, we’ll settle the bill and take all items for proper recycling or disposal.