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At Junk N Haul, we specialize in providing top-notch junk removal service in Castle Pines, CO. From bulky items to old junk, our team is here to help you declutter your space efficiently. Whether you’re renovating your home, cleaning out an estate, or need regular commercial junk removal, we offer solutions that fit your schedule and budget. 


Don’t let unwanted items take up valuable space –– give us a call at 719-292-3556 for a free estimate on your junk removal project.

Residential & Commercial Junk Removal in Castle Pines, CO


Local Junk Removal Services

At Junk N Haul, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier Castle Pines junk removal services for residential and commercial clients. Our services include:

Castle Pines Junk Removal:

We handle all types of junk, from household clutter to commercial waste, ensuring efficient and responsible disposal. As experts, our junk haulers have the skills to handle various materials safely, including electronics, furniture, yard waste, and more.

Debris and Waste Removal:

Our team specializes in removing yard waste, construction debris, and other unwanted materials, leaving your space clean and organized. We follow local regulations and dispose of waste responsibly.

Unwanted Items:

We take care of bulky items and old junk, providing hassle-free removal that caters to your needs. From old furniture to unwanted appliances, we make the process smooth and stress-free.

Eco-Friendly Waste & Debris Removal

Recycling Services

We believe in responsible disposal and are committed to sustainability in Castle Pines and Castle Rock. Our recycling services include:

Responsible Disposal:

We ensure that unwanted items are recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Our team is dedicated to reducing landfill waste and follows eco-friendly practices.

Commitment to Sustainability:

Our team follows best practices to minimize waste and promote recycling, aligning with the community's eco-conscious values. We partner with local recycling centers to ensure responsible handling of recyclable materials.


Construction Debris Removal & Recycling Services

Construction projects often leave behind a significant amount of debris. Our junk haulers in Castle Pines will gladly have your junk removed while keeping these practices in mind:

Safe and Efficient Removal:

We handle the removal of wood, metal, concrete, and other construction materials, ensuring safety and efficiency. Our experienced team is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to handle complex projects.

Recycling of Construction Materials:

Our commitment to sustainability extends to recycling construction materials, reducing environmental impact. We work closely with construction companies to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Hassle-Free Appliance & Furniture Removal

Appliance Removal

Need to get rid of old appliances? Our Castle Pines, CO services include:

Refrigerator, Washer, and Dryer Removal:

We provide prompt and professional removal, ensuring that your old appliances are handled carefully. We understand the importance of proper disposal and offer eco-friendly recycling options.

Eco-Friendly Recycling Options:

Our team follows eco-friendly practices, recycling appliances whenever possible. We adhere to regulations and ensure that harmful substances are handled appropriately.

Other Appliances

Furniture Removal

Our team handles sofas, chairs, tables, and other furniture, ensuring smooth and efficient removal. We understand the challenges of moving large and bulky items and have the expertise to handle them safely.

Garage, Basement & Estate Cleanout Services

Whether it’s a home or business, our comprehensive cleanout solutions include:

Comprehensive Cleanout Solutions:

From garages to basements, we handle all types of cleanouts, providing a hassle-free experience. Our team works closely with homeowners and businesses to understand their needs and provide customized solutions.

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Junk-N-Haul is making junk removal in Castle Pines stress-free for you!

Services in Castle Pines

Television Removal

Have an old TV to get rid of and you can’t even give it away? Don’t sweat it! We’ll come get it and any other old electronics you might have.

Construction Debris Removal

When scrap materials, pallets, and trash start to pile up at your build site, then give us a call. Our guys can load it up and get it out of your way.

Storage Unit Clean Outs

Stop paying to store junk you don’t need! Have a look, take what you need, and then call us to clear the rest of it out before your next bill is due.

Refrigerator Removal

Moving a refrigerator isn’t a solo activity and not everybody has a truck to haul it. We’ve got the crew and the truck, so just give us a shout!

Mattress Removal

Old mattresses can be bulky and difficult to move, and they can quickly take up valuable space in your home. With our help, you won’t have to worry about dealing with the bulk and hassle of removing the mattress.


In addition to hauling away your old junk and debris, we also offer demolition services in Castle Pines. Give us a ring and let’s talk demo!

How This All Works: Your Path to a Clutter-Free Space in Castle Pines, CO

Book an Appointment

Simply give us a call to discuss your specific needs, or use our user-friendly online booking system. We’re here to accommodate your schedule.

Receive Timely Service

We value your time, so we offer flexible scheduling with same or next-day appointments. Our punctual team operates within convenient two-hour arrival windows, allowing you to plan your day without unnecessary waiting.

Approve Your Quote, and We’ll Get Started

Transparency is at the core of our service. Before we begin the junk removal process, you’ll receive a clear, no-obligation quote. We want you to know exactly what to expect, with no hidden surprises.

We Take Care of Everything from Here!

Once you give the green light, our skilled team in Castle Pines, CO springs into action. Just point to the items you want removed, and watch as we efficiently clear your space. Junk N Haul handles everything from this point forward, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Trusted Professionals for Castle Pines, CO Junk Removal


Residents and businesses across the Colorado Springs area depend on us for fast and friendly junk removal.


We’ve got an amazing crew of well trained haulers that are on call to help you get rid of junk!


Since we’ve done a little bit of everything, we’re prepared to help you with a little bit of anything!

Our Cleanout Services​

Estate Clean Outs

Dealing with an eviction, foreclosure, or estate settlement can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. At Junk-N-Haul, we understand how much of a burden this can be. That’s why we offer comprehensive clean-out services that allow you to ease some of the stress and focus on other important matters.

Garage Cleanouts

Garages can quickly become a dumping ground for old junk and can be difficult to clean out on your own. Our team will help you clear out your garage and dispose of old trash in an eco-friendly way.

Hoarder Cleanouts

Hoarding can be a challenging issue, and it can quickly take over a home or office. Our team is equipped to handle hoarding cleanouts with compassion and professionalism, and we’ll ensure that all items are disposed of correctly and in an eco-friendly way

Apartment Cleanouts

Moving out of an apartment can be a stressful experience, especially when you have old junk to eliminate. Our team will help you clear out your old apartment and ensure everything is disposed of correctly and eco-friendly.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to declutter and clean out your home or office. Let us help you eliminate old junk and create a fresh start for the new season.

Demolition Services

Removing old junk sometimes requires more than trash removal services. We offer demolition services for larger items, such as sheds or small buildings, to ensure everything is handled correctly.

How This All Works


Let’s begin! Call us at 719-316-3834 to book an appointment over the phone. Or, you can contact us online.


When we’re on our way, we’ll call you so you know to expect us. Keep an eye out for our truck—it’ll be out front.


We’ll be there during your appointment’s 2-hour arrival window, with the team members and the equipment we need to get the job done right.


We don’t waste any time during your appointment. Watch in amazement as your clutter quickly moves off your property and into our truck instead!


Once we’ve finished hauling away your junk, it’ll be our pleasure to sweep up behind ourselves and double-check our work.


Finally, we’ll accept your payment before heading out to dispose of the junk. Remember, you’ll never encounter any hidden fees.

Take the First Step Towards a Clutter-Free Space in Castle Pines, CO

When it comes to junk removal in Castle Pines, CO, Junk N Haul is your go-to solution for all your decluttering needs. By choosing Junk N Haul, you are opting for a professional and efficient junk hauling service and contributing to a greener environment. Our commitment to recycling and responsible disposal reflects our dedication to the community and the planet. 

Let us help you create a cleaner, more organized space while making a positive impact. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive junk removal services in Colorado.

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