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Trusted Professionals for Castle Pines, CO Junk Removal

Junk-N-Haul is making junk removal in Castle Pines stress-free for you!

  • Reliable. Residents and businesses across the Colorado Springs area depend on us for fast and friendly junk removal.
  • Hardworking. We’ve got an amazing crew of well trained haulers that are on call to help you get rid of junk!
  • Experienced. Since we’ve done a little bit of everything, we’re prepared to help you with a little bit of anything!

End-to-End Service in Castle Pines

Whether you need simple junk removal services or big cleanouts in Castle Pines, you can depend on Junk-N-Haul to handle it all. Our full-service commitment means we take care of every detail.

  • Preparations. If other items need to be moved to make way, then we’ll take care of that. We’ll also bring any special equipment we might need.
  • Removal. The Junk-N-Haul staff will work together to safely remove your unwanted items and you’ll never need to lift or more a thing.
  • Disposal. Once we’ve got it all on the truck and we’ve swept the area clean, we’ll haul everything away to be recycled or disposed of.
Paying for junk removal services

Accurate Pricing

Most companies will give you an estimate for the cost of junk removal in Castle Pines, but not everyone will honor it. Junk-N-Haul’s quote is always firm!

  • No Surprises. We won’t give you a price and then sneak miscellaneous fees on at the end.
  • Everything Included. Our quote covers all expenses including labor, equipment, and disposal.
  • Local. When you support our small business, you’re keeping resources in your community.

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Other Items We Accept

  • Bicycles & Toys
  • Playsets & Forts
  • Decks & Fences
  • Washers & Dryers
  • Microwaves & Toasters
  • Couches & Loveseats
  • BBQ Grills
  • Building Scraps
  • And MORE!

How It Works

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Online Booking

Book online any time you want or call use to speak with a junk pro Monday through Saturday.

Fast Service

We’ll get your junk pick up on the books at your earliest convenience. When our crew arrives, the first thing we’ll do is give you a firm quote.

Final Touches

All of your unwanted items will be removed from the property and loaded into the truck. Then we’ll clean up and haul everything away.


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Junk-N-Haul removes junk in Castle Pines and many other Colorado Springs area communities!

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