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In the bustling heart of Colorado Springs, businesses thrive, evolve, and sometimes need a fresh start. That’s where Junk-N-Haul steps in, offering top-tier Commercial Junk Removal Services tailored to the unique needs of Colorado Springs enterprises. Our dedicated team, with unparalleled expertise, ensures your commercial space is decluttered, optimized, and ready for new opportunities. 

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Our Commercial Junk Removal Services in Colorado Springs

At Junk-N-Haul, we understand the diverse needs of businesses in Colorado Springs. Our range of services is designed to cater to every commercial junk removal requirement, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

Office Furniture Removal

Clearing out old and outdated office furniture can be a daunting task. Whether you're renovating, relocating, or simply updating your workspace, we ensure efficient removal of desks, chairs, cabinets, and more, giving your space a fresh and organized look.

Electronics Disposal

Redundant electronics in Colorado Springs can take up valuable space and pose environmental hazards if not disposed of correctly. From old computers and printers to unused telephones and fax machines, we ensure safe and responsible disposal, adhering to all environmental guidelines.

Construction Debris Cleanup

Post-construction cleanup is vital to make the space usable. Our construction debris removal in Colorado Springs involves removing wood, metal, concrete, and more, ensuring your commercial space is clean and ready for its next phase.

Why Choose Junk-N-Haul to Declutter Your Commercial Property?

These are some reasons why Junk-N-Haul stands out as the premier choice for commercial junk removal in Colorado Springs, CO:

Locally Owned and Operated

Being a part of the Colorado Springs community, Junk-N-Haul isn't just another service provider. We deeply understand the city's community needs, its businesses, and the unique challenges they face. Moreover, our local presence ensures a quick response, and our commitment to the community drives us to offer personalized services that cater to individual business requirements.

Expertise in Junk Removal

Junk removal is more than just hauling away items. It requires a keen eye, expertise, and a systematic approach. Our team, with years of experience, is trained to handle various junk types, ensuring that the removal process is smooth and hassle-free for our clients. At Junk-N-Haul, quality isn't just a buzzword; it's a promise.

Our reputation is built on consistently delivering top-notch services and an unwavering commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. We take pride in every job, no matter how big or small.

Eco-Friendly Disposal Practices

At Junk-N-Haul, we prioritize eco-friendly practices. This means recyclable items are processed correctly, and non-recyclable items are disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible, ensuring a minimal carbon footprint.

Our Commercial Junk Removal Process

Navigating the complexities of commercial junk removal can be overwhelming, especially when you’re focused on running your business. At Junk-N-Haul, we’ve streamlined the process to make it as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.


Initial Consultation

During this phase, we discuss your specific needs to understand the scope and requirements of the junk removal task. Whether it's a one-time cleanup or a recurring service, we tailor our approach to fit your unique situation.

After assessing the volume and type of junk, we provide a free, no-obligation estimate. This transparent approach ensures that you know exactly what to expect in terms of service and cost.

Scheduled Pickup

We understand your time is valuable, and business operations can't be put on hold. That's why we offer scheduled pickups that align with your work schedule at convenient times. Our team arrives punctually, equipped with all the necessary tools and vehicles to handle the job efficiently. We also coordinate with you to ensure the removal process is conducted with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Efficient Removal and Cleanup

Our team handles the heavy lifting, sorting, and disposal, adhering to all safety and environmental guidelines. Once the junk is removed, we thoroughly clean up the area, leaving it ready for immediate use or for whatever plans you have in your stay in the vibrant city of Colorado Springs.

Our Cleanout Services​

Estate Clean Outs

Dealing with an eviction, foreclosure, or estate settlement can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. At Junk-N-Haul, we understand how much of a burden this can be. That’s why we offer comprehensive clean-out services that allow you to ease some of the stress and focus on other important matters.

Garage Cleanouts

Garages can quickly become a dumping ground for old junk and can be difficult to clean out on your own. Our team will help you clear out your garage and dispose of old trash in an eco-friendly way.

Hoarder Cleanouts

Hoarding can be a challenging issue, and it can quickly take over a home or office. Our team is equipped to handle hoarding cleanouts with compassion and professionalism, and we’ll ensure that all items are disposed of correctly and in an eco-friendly way

Apartment Cleanouts

Moving out of an apartment can be a stressful experience, especially when you have old junk to eliminate. Our team will help you clear out your old apartment and ensure everything is disposed of correctly and eco-friendly.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to declutter and clean out your home or office. Let us help you eliminate old junk and create a fresh start for the new season.

Demolition Services

Removing old junk sometimes requires more than trash removal services. We offer demolition services for larger items, such as sheds or small buildings, to ensure everything is handled correctly.

How This All Works


Let’s begin! Call us at 719-316-3834 to book an appointment over the phone. Or, you can contact us online.


When we’re on our way, we’ll call you so you know to expect us. Keep an eye out for our truck—it’ll be out front.


We’ll be there during your appointment’s 2-hour arrival window, with the team members and the equipment we need to get the job done right.


We don’t waste any time during your appointment. Watch in amazement as your clutter quickly moves off your property and into our truck instead!


Once we’ve finished hauling away your junk, it’ll be our pleasure to sweep up behind ourselves and double-check our work.


Finally, we’ll accept your payment before heading out to dispose of the junk. Remember, you’ll never encounter any hidden fees.

Declutter with Junk-N-Haul for a Brighter Business Tomorrow

Our commercial junk removal services in Colorado Springs not only clear the physical clutter but also pave the way for clearer thinking, better productivity, and renewed business vigor. Junk-N-Haul stands beside you, ensuring every step towards decluttering is a step towards your business’s brighter future.

Book online to avail our 100% free, no-obligation on-site estimate today.

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