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Junk-N-Haul, based right out of Colorado Springs, is ready to assist with all your junk removal needs. This includes Colorado Springs hot tub removal, an issue that has probably been on your mind recently! It’s like that you’ve got an old, unwanted hot tub taking up space somewhere in your home or your yard. After all, that’s how you wound up on this page, right?

Then why not turn to your local junk removal business for the services you need? Our top-notch team would be happy to assist you. We’re full-service, meaning we can get rid of that old hot tub without you having to do an ounce of the work. We’ve got you covered!

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How Hot Tub Disposal Works

When we come to your site for Colorado Springs hot tub removal, we always bring everything we need, including the right tools and the right attitudes. Oftentimes, this sort of work involves drilling through layers of concrete. Never fear—we have just the right equipment for that.

A Talented Team

Our team has removed many hot tubs in the past, so they’re bringing all their expertise to your job. We’ll carefully extract every last part of that hot tub and get it into the back of our hauling truck. What’s more, we’re not done until you’re 100% satisfied—so let us know if you have any requests, and we’ll try our hardest to honor them! 

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Scheduling Your Appointment

So, ready to get yourself on our schedule? The good news is that booking an appointment is as easy as it gets. Best of all, you can take advantage of our same-day and next-day availability to get rid of that hot tub fast! Simply give us a call or book online to start working with us today.

During our initial conversations, we may ask you a few quick questions about your hot tub in order to calculate an over-the-phone quote. This gives you a good idea what the final price will be well ahead of time. We’re sure you’ll agree our costs are reasonable and inexpensive, too!

Save Yourself the Trouble!

A job as monumental as Colorado Springs hot tub removal is difficult work. Something like this is best saved for the experts—not a ragtag crew off Craigslist that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Furthermore, we’re saving you the trouble of attempting this difficult task as well. Working with heavy and hard-to-drill concrete can be a real pain in the neck.

So that’s why you should let our knowledgeable team tackle the job. We’ve got what it takes to get it done, and quickly, too! Then, enjoy the newly freed up space. Or, shop for a new hot tub at Colorado Springs Hot Tub Sales and Service, Inc.

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